Ralph D. Sabatino, Ph.D.

Ralph D. Sabatino, Ph.D., Biochemistry

Dr. Sabatino is currently a manager of research and development at PerkinElmer Inc. and has over 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and life science industries. He graduated from Norwich University and continued his education at Boston University obtaining a Ph.D. in Biochemistry followed by a fellowship at the University of Rochester, NY. Dr. Sabatino has been employed at many companies from start-ups to large multi-billion dollar entities. He also earned his construction supervisors license and built 5 houses on a part time basis collaborating with Vin Perrone of Veterans Inc.. Dr. Sabatino was also very active in the Boy Scouts of America as an Assistant Scout Master for over 20 years. And is currently a volunteer member of the Board of Fellows at Norwich University.

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