Veterans Inc.

COVID-19 Updates

Updated on April 8, 2020

A letter from Vincent J. Perrone, Lt Colonel, USAF (retired), President and CEO Veterans Inc.

Dear Friends,
I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and well during the current pandemic caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19). Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our mission to be there for our Veterans in their time of need. I am reaching out today to ask for your help.
To say that homeless and those at risk are even more vulnerable during this crisis would be an understatement. Veterans Inc. is an essential business. We must remain open to care for our homeless Veterans.
The health and safety of our clients and staff remains our top priority.
As we face these challenging times together, we want you to know what we are doing to help keep the Veterans we serve and our employees safe and healthy.
We have been closely monitoring guidance from public health officials. We have ramped up efforts to ensure the cleanliness of facilities by increasing routine cleaning with special attention of frequently touches surfaces. We have, in larger facilities, hired professionals to fully clean and disinfect. We have purchased additional supplies. We have provided information on how viruses are transmitted and strongly promoted the practice of healthy hygiene habits amongst staff and Veterans residing in our homeless programs. We have purchased additional food to ensure our Veterans are well-nourished.
We have implemented safety and security protocols at every residential site. Admission is limited to staff and any required service providers. All who enter must pass rigorous screening procedures and questions; temperatures are checked each and every time one enters the building.
If an employee is sick in any way they are required to stay home.
Many staff members are now working remotely – still serving our veterans and families in the community.
For thirty years Veterans Inc. has been caring for and protecting Veterans who have honorably served our country as well as their families in need. But now we find that the need may be too great given our current resources and we need your support.
We are in need of monetary donations, packaged food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and personal protection equipment (PPE).
The staff and clients at Veterans Inc., like you, are doing their best to navigate these unprecedented events.
This crisis and the changes we have made to combat it has created a significant financial strain on our budget.
We know that we will be facing even more hardship as fundraising events are postponed. The sponsorships, donations, and grants that we rely on are already beginning to diminish.
We are grateful to the many friends who have asked us how they can help.
In response, we have started a Recovery Fund to offset the additional costs we are incurring – as well as to support the special needs of our Veterans.
I ask for your support as we continue to make our way through these incredibly unique circumstances.
Your financial support helps Veterans Inc. continue our mission we started thirty years ago.
Please remember, “They were there when we needed them…we MUST be there now that they need us”…
I invite you to send any questions to or call 800-482-2565.
On behalf of our Veterans, I thank you for your support.
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